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On Friday, November 14th, Dolly was featured on WGCH’s talk radio show What’s Up With Wendy. Listen as Dolly discusses how she learned about her gifts, grew into her powers, and how she now uses her abilities as a White Witch to help and to heal.

Segment 1: Dolly talks about her early childhood, reads a caller on air, and describes the difference between a White Witch and a Dark Witch.

Segment 2: Dolly relates coming into her own as a witch, reads a caller looking for love and money answers, then describes her relationship to her cards and spells.

Segment 3: Dolly delves deeper into her personal beliefs, helps another caller, and explains how she reaches people around the globe.

Segment 4: Description: Dolly explains the origins of Witch Rummy, then helps caller Kelly with her love life and her career.