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Dolly’s ‘gift of sight’ is authentic. She has a proven track record with me. I’ve been seeking her help for over a decade. Dolly’s readings have always been on the mark and has helped me make better choices and decisions in my life. Many things which she revealed to me have come to fruition. In particular, I performed her ‘Spell For Selling A House’ and my condo sold within 2 weeks. Her ‘Freezer Spell’ has helped me rid nuisance people who appeared in my life, too. Over these many years, Dolly’s guidance, insight and counsel have been and will continue to be invaluable. – Linda Cummings, M.S., CCC-SLP

I have known my Dolly for some time. I love Dolly with all my heart. Dolly has been my spiritual guide and because of her positive insightful energy and encouraging words, I can attribute a great deal of my success to her. Dolly has a unique gift that has and will continue to bless many!!! – Dr. Cyntia Barrett, PT, DPT, CSCS, CNS

I had a reading done a few years ago, everything Dolly told me is happening or has happened, she was so accurate. Such a lovely lady with a wonderful gift . Thank you Dolly Lana

I’ve been seeing Dolly for readings for the past 3 years and that should speak for itself – I keep going back because she’s spot on. She said that I was missing a document for an important matter that took a while to resolve and sure enough – she was right. I love seeing Dolly because I feel a sense of peace and relief when the reading is over. I also love seeing her because she speaks from her heart. My last reading with her was a few weeks ago and I remember sitting there in awe because she kept bringing things up that have been on my mind before I had a chance to ask her about them. Dolly has a very special gift and I’m grateful that she shares it with us all. Grace

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Emily Deebs a.k.a (Dolly) is a spiritual guide whose talents are focused on helping the lives of many individuals. Her expertise lies in card reading, palm reading, and dream interpretation. Most importantly, she has a unique way of combining these elements with the power of prayer and a focus on overall spiritual wellness.

Unlike psychic mediums, Dolly talks to the living. Her readings are accurate and to the point. Dolly incorporates humor into her readings which comes from her natural personality. Her enthusiasm and talent are authentic. Brooklyn born, Dolly is a typical Italian lady who loves to cook for family and friends, and is always the life of the party.

Many walk away wondering how Dolly is able to see and understand their secret fears, hopes, and desire, which they haven’t revealed to anyone. Being read by Dolly is an unforgettable experience!


Personal Readings

  • $65 – 30 Minute Card Reading
  • $125 – 60 Minute Card Reading
  • $250 – In Depth Card Reading + Consultation
  • $400 – Parties – 2 hour minimum and each additional hour is $100

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Text me your full name, appointment date/time and type of service

(917) 882-0195 or DollyDeebs@gmail.com